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About Victorian Gardens

Victorian Gardens and Crossings each represent the most unique concept in residential theme of any community ever constructed in all of Essex County. These sister communities, while separated by their geography, are akin in every other likeness. Built to capture the architectural flavour of turn-of-the-century Colonial and Victorian 2-storey and 3 storey homes, these communities have quickly risen to be regarded as the most original and wonderful locations to live in the entire county. With the Gardens located in LaSalle, and the Crossings located in Windsor's Riverside District, we have captured the essence of yesterday's homes and communities and coupled them with today's superior construction techniques and materials. The homes are consistant in theme, yet have tremendous variety due to the 20+ different models incorporated into both. Entering either location is more than a leisure act, it is simply a step through time as you travel into the past to feel these homes and streets come to life. Everything represents period treatments - from brick boulevard entrances to grand lantern style street lighting to detached rear garages, nothing is ordinary here. It's no wonder why both of these locations representing over 130 homes sold out so quickly. Even the resales in both are some of the strongest in the county! One of our greatest achievements, J. Rauti Custom Homes is still proud to have been the exclusive builder of these two fine communities.